Ravi Reveals VIXX Didn’t Make Any Money Even After Taking 1st Place on a Music Program

Ravi thought VIXX would start making money after their 1st place win on a music program.

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s Don’t Be Jealous, former Wonder Girls member, Hyelim spoke up about how little money she saved in her 7 years as an idol, to which VIXX‘s Ravi made his own confession.

When Hyelim revealed that unlike the stereotype that all idols are wealthy landlords, she only had 200 million won (~$167,000 USD) to her name, one of the panel members, Jeon Jin sympathized,

Just because you’re an idol doesn’t mean you make a lot of money. You earn as much as you succeed, but there’s this perception that you make a lot when you become an idol.

– Jeon Jin

And Ravi agreed.

Even in my case, it took us a year and a half to take 1st place on a music program.

– Ravi

He continued,

I thought we’d start becoming rich after that, but it was actually over 4 years later that we started making money.

– Ravi

When Jang Do Yeon brought up Ravi’s many copyrighted songs that he wrote, Ravi clarified that he still doesn’t make money from it.

I just have a lot of songs. But they don’t make much money.

– Ravi

Ravi debuted through VIXX back in 2012 and as the main composer and rapper of the group, he has written many songs of his own.

Check out the full clip below:


Source: Insight