Real Or Fake? Netizens Can’t Tell If These Are Lifelike “Real Dolls” Or People Pretending To Be Dolls

Technology is so advanced, it’s crazy.

Real dolls are dolls created to look as lifelike as possible. Each doll costs at least a few thousand dollars or more. The more realistic the doll, the more expensive it will be! These dolls are purchased for various motivations. Some people use it as practice for interaction with real humans, some collect them, some even end up “marrying” them! A real doll was recently featured in the K-Drama Mask Girl, when otaku Ju Oh Nam is seen celebrating his birthday with a real doll.

With dolls getting increasingly lifelike, it’s hard to tell who is the real human, and who is the doll. What made it even ore confusing was a new Douyin trend in China, where girls pretended to be real dolls. Check out some of the trending clips below.

| Instiz

Most dolls are dressed in cosplay clothing.

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Even their skin feels realistic to the touch. Their bodies are supple as they are made of silicone.

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It’s getting hard to tell if these are humans or dolls.

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With the advancement in technology, anything is possible!

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Netizens were understandably creeped out by the videos. They argued if they were humans or dolls.

Netizen reactions. | Instiz
  • Really? They look so real that I was surprised.
  • Even how their fingers spread out when someone touches their wrist… Aren’t these humans?
  • I can sorta see their hands trembling in the first one.
  • Seeing how they’re filtered, I think its just humans.
  • Why are they dressing up like real dolls and posing like that? I don’t get it.
  • Ugh, scary… They seem like they’ll move at night.
  • Why are they like that? Are they humans that want to become real dolls?

What are your guesses?

Source: Instiz
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