Netizens Thought This Photo Was Either Red Velvet’s Irene Or Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon But It Was Neither

It was someone completely different!

Fans have often joked that Red Velvet‘s Irene is turning into Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon thanks to their uncanny resemblance to each other. While plenty of pictures of them have made fans do double-takes, one photo, in particular, had everyone absolutely stumped.


Not too long ago, a mysterious close-up picture popped up on Korean web portal The Qoo and began sweeping through online communities with netizens trying to figure out who exactly was in the photo.


Many netizens thought the person in the photo was Irene…


While many others were convinced that it was Taeyeon instead!


Even though netizens were convinced it had to be one or the other, there was still this feeling that it wasn’t either of them. But there was one more idol that fans were questioning could be in this photo…Jo Kwon!


Considering Jo Kwon has also been called Taeyeon’s doppelganger, netizens couldn’t leave him out of the mix either!


And when they finally tracked down the full photo that the close-up came from, they discovered that the answer really had been Jo Kwon all along!


Although this latest photo totally freaked netizens out, this isn’t the only time idol’s pictures have played a trick on everyone’s eyes and it probably won’t be the last either!

Source: The Qoo
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