Red Velvet Seulgi’s Contribution To The Choreography Of “28 Reasons” Proves Once Again Why She’s A Creative Genius

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Red Velvet‘s Seulgi extensively contributed to her solo debut album, 28 Reasons. Whether it be the lyrics, her artwork, or the styling, Seulgi’s touch is everywhere, and naturally, as one of the best dancers in K-Pop, Seulgi was involved with the choreography of “28 Reasons” as well.

First, the choreographer presented the overall outline of the dance and the progression of movement and dynamics.

Red Velvet/YouTube 

Since none of the moves were set in stone, Seulgi gave her own opinions to inspire or guide the choreography in a specific direction. For the chorus, the melody flows softly and smoothly, while the beats in the instrumental are sharp and powerful. This contrast between the melody and the instrumental highlights the ongoing theme of good and evil coexisting in a single person, and Seulgi incorporated this conflict into her actions, contrasting her voice and movement.

The results of her and her choreographer’s collaboration are brilliant, leaving everyone stunned by her performance once again.

Seulgi also compromised on the point dance, keeping a sharp and challenging choreography but making it so that it wasn’t too difficult for others to try to copy.


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♬ 28 Reasons – SEULGI

Seulgi couldn’t let go of her love for tutting, which she had learned with Irene for “Naughty,” and incorporated finger-tutting into the dance break.

This, of course, led to one of the best parts of the choreography, complete with two Seulgis in the music video.

For some of the choreography, Seulgi demonstrated moves she wanted to do and the corresponding styling and makeup that would go with it. Certain dance moves will draw attention to different visual aspects, so it’s necessary to consider the styling while making the choreo, and Seulgi understood this perfectly.

The posing is very clear. I’d like to make a pose like that. Then, the lip could be minimal.

— Seulgi

An outfit should never draw attention away from the dance nor restrict the dancer’s movements. Seulgi was adamant about this fact, which proves how much she views dance as an art.

I’d like to wear outfits that are minimal yet stylish. The fabric should be more flexible too. I think I’d have to move like this a lot. If the outfit is too stiff, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable.

— Seulgi

Seulgi and her choreographers will go to any length possible to create the most beautiful picture, and during the filming, they even danced at half the speed to emphasize the movements better.

Seulgi always delivers outstanding performances, and we can’t wait to see how else her future choreographies will reflect her creativity and style.

Red Velvet

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