Red Velvet’s Stylists Under Fire For “Tacky” Red Carpet Outfits

Fans rate this look 0/10.

Red Velvet fans are less than impressed with the “tacky” outfits Red Velvet wore to the 2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards.


On October 24, Red Velvet walked the red carpet in sparkling, monochromatic ensembles…


…that call to mind retro fashion trends…


…from the 1960s through the 1990s.


The Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards is a prestigious, annual ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Some fans feel that Red Velvet’s outfits were inappropriate for such a high profile event.


Others just don’t like the outfits in general.


Many ReVeluvs have expressed their frustration on social media. They feel bad for the members and believe Red Velvet deserves a “better stylist”.


Sadly, this fashion fail comes not long after ReVeluvs praised Red Velvet’s team for putting together tasteful “Power Up” era outfits…

ReVeluvs Are Claiming That Red Velvet’s Stylists Have Finally Gotten Something Right


…like these stage outfits here.


In the past, Red Velvet’s stylists have come under fire for their less than stellar fashion choices.

Red Velvet’s Stylist Once Again Under Fire For Irene’s Dress


More often than not, fans have objected to revealing outfits that made the members appear uncomfortable.

Stylists Under Fire Again For Making Red Velvet Wear “Too Revealing” Outfits


Although Red Velvet’s most recent outfits are not revealing, fans just aren’t loving the look…


…and are hoping to see the members dressed more fashionably in the future.

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