“Running Man” Song Ji Hyo Used Her Own Money To Buy MAMAMOO’s Solar The Exact Same Prize She Failed To Win On The Show

Ji Hyo felt bad that Solar didn’t win the prize on “Running Man.”

On a recent episode of SBS‘s Running Man, Jessi, MAMAMOO‘s Solar, Lee Young Ji, and Jeon Somi appeared as guests, and Solar formed a team with Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo for the mission.

Despite performing well as a team, Solar’s individual score put her in third place while the prizes were only rewarded to those in first and second place.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo was spotted scoping out the soundbar speakers that was given out as the prize.

And it was revealed through Solar’s own YouTube channel that Song Ji Hyo used her own money to buy her the prize herself.

Solar revealed a photo of it and captioned it,

Ji Hyo Unnie gave me a present. She must’ve felt bad that I didn’t get a prize. She sent this over to my agency.

— Solar

| @solarsido/YouTube

Along with the touching story, Solar also added,

I’m sorry, and thank you. We made so many good memories. It was fun and I loved being a team with such cool ‘unnies.’

— Solar

| @solarsido/YouTube

The considerate and kind act has netizens praising Song Ji Hyo with comments such as “That’s so touching“, “How nice to hear“, and “I’m jealous of their friendship“.

Song Ji Hyo isn’t the respected veteran actress that she is for no reason.

Just another reason to stan Song Ji Hyo.



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