IZ*ONE’s Sakura Shows Off The Difference In Beauty Standards Between Her Chinese, Japanese and Korean Photoshoots

Which do you prefer?

Each country has its own unique vibe and tastes when it comes down to beauty. This especially shows in pictorials or advertisements for products. IZ*ONE‘s Sakura may be a chameleon when it comes to pulling off different looks, but even she looks starkly different in terms of vibes following each country’s photoshoots. Take a look for yourself.

1. China

As the Chinese prefer glamorous and flashy, modern styles, Sakura looks sophisticated with a deep red lip and clearly defined eyes.

She is also dressed daringly in a red ruffled toga dress. Note how the makeup emphasizes sharp inner eye corners for a fiercer look.

2. Korea

Korean beauty loves the gorgeous girl-next-door vibes and peach-toned makeup. She suits her namesake perfectly with lightly blushed cheeks and a nude lip.

Put her in a flowy white dress and you’re good to go!

Koreans even do the elegant vibe with their trademark sense of clean-cut beauty.

3. Japan

Japanese beauty really amps up the cutesy and clear look. From its trademark glossy lips to a blank stare, Sakura pulls this one off perfectly.

For a more trendy vibe, Sakura dons a beret and shows off her dewy skin and apple red cheeks.

Which country’s pictorials do you like the most for Sakura? Needless to say, she looks absolutely like a doll in all three!

Source: theqoo