Seolhyun Confessed Her Seemingly Viral Weight-Loss Method Is A Complete And Utter Lie

She actually doesn’t survive on sweet potatoes, chicken breasts, and eggs.

On an episode of Knowing Bros, AOA‘s Seolhyun shocked the hosts and the viewers by revealing her weight-loss method that has been viral online for years isn’t quite hers.

She and her friends, fellow member Jimin and comedian Kim Shin Young, appeared on the show and talked about how the three of them became good friends who get together to eat pizza, chicken, and more.

We order whatever we want to eat, like pizza or squid sashimi, or marinated raw crabs.

— Seolhyun

When the show host Kang Ho Dong asked about weight management, Seolhyun pointed out she, or her agency, isn’t too strict about what she can or cannot eat.

Seolhyun playfully stated that she tries to substitute what she can, when she has these feasts. So when the friends order fried chicken, rather than eating the drumstick, Seolhyun sticks to eating the breast.

Seolhyun only had fried sweet potatoes because she was watching her weight.

— Kim Shin Young

Then Seolhyun surprised everyone again by stating she is aware of “Seolhyun Weight Loss Plans” that have been viral online for years, but they don’t quite reflect what she eats.

You can look up the words ‘Seolhyun’s Weight Loss’ and the internet will tell you all these things about what and how I used to eat.

— Seolhyun

They’re all lies!

— Seolhyun

Seolhyun doesn’t survive on “sweet potatoes, chicken breasts, and eggs” as the internet tells. A popular example of Seolhyun’s supposed diet looks like this:

I actually don’t eat like that.

— Seolhyun

Instead, Seolhyun claimed that she works out a lot.

She tries to motivate herself to exercise harder by looking back at pictures taken when she was leaner or more toned.

Watch Seolhyun come clean about her weight loss plan here:


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