When SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Gets Scared, He Turns Himself Into A Hermit Crab

It could be a solid coping mechanism.

In the latest episode of Going Seventeen, SEVENTEEN members were put through a scary prank to see if their recent MBTI test results actually match their real personalities. Each member had to sit and do an interview in a shady room with fake mannequin-humans, who would eventually approach the members and try to scare them.


Woozi, whose result shared that he is a “good advocate” and has tendencies to be introverted and internalize his feelings, showed exactly that when he found himself in the middle of this prank!


During the “interview”, when the false alarms went off to create that eerie vibe, Woozi didn’t react much — except make this fishy face. This is a drastic opposite of how other members who reacted more openly and asked if everything is okay.


Then, when Woozi was left alone in the room with the creepy man-nequins, he grasped that it was a set up. Even then, Woozi didn’t react much — unlike his teammates who got up and tried to confront their fears.


Finally, when the mannequins hovered around Woozi to really intimidate him, Woozi was the epitome of introverted. He didn’t let out a single sound…

… but instead crumped up like a hermit crab and tried to accept his fate.


In fact, Woozi was spotted trying to prepare himself for the impact (by patting his own heart), when the mannequins tried to scare him again!


Carats can’t believe how well this shows Woozi’s overall personality that they’ve come to know and love. Woozi, who is naturally calm and quiet, will stay calm and quiet no matter what the situation!


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