Here’s Why SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Has A Special Place In His Heart For Married And Pregnant Fans

He shared why his heart was so “happy and touched.”

Whenever marriage is discussed, SEVENTEEN’s THE8 has never been shy about admitting that fans and himself will be tying the knot as they get older.

During a recent Weibo live broadcast, he revealed why he was so touched by fans telling him they’ve reached that goal or are expecting children.


Remembering a recent fan signing, THE8 shared a moment that made him “happy and touched” his heart.

Although THE8 mentioned “almost no one” shares news about their personal love life, one Carat surprised him with an exciting development. He recalled their words, “One fan told me they’re getting married next week.

He was just as happy for the fan, congratulating them on their union and wishing them a blissful married life. It wasn’t the only moment from the fan signing that touched his heart, either.

THE8 remembered another fan who was experiencing a major milestone as well. One dedicated Carat attended the group’s fan signing with a big baby bump.

Imitating his excited reaction, THE8 repeated what he said to the expecting mom, “‘I might be happier to see your baby instead of you!’” He then opened up on why he received so much joy from fans tying the knot and making their own families.

Seeing fans go out and achieve happiness for themselves also made THE8 feel delighted.

I’m not sure why, but whenever I see situations like these, my heart feels really happy and touched. I feel a sort of fulfilling happiness out of the blue.

— THE8

Looking back on the six years since SEVENTEEN’s debut, THE8 expressed awe at seeing fans progress in their lives as parents-to-be or whatever path they chose. He wished the same for every fan and explained, “I’m not saying everyone wants to achieve the same thing, but I think everyone has something they want to achieve.

Whether it’s starting a family, tying the knot, or focusing on a career, THE8 is all for fans doing whatever makes them happy.

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