SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Or Hoshi? Here’s Who THE8 And Mingyu Would Kiss

Woozi and Hoshi had different reactions to the kisses 😂

Though SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi loves to plant kisses on his members when he’s had a few drinks, he isn’t the only one who shows affection. When deciding between Woozi and Hoshi, THE8 and Mingyu chose which member they’d kiss most.

Hoshi and Woozi.

With Mingyu and THE8 pairing up for a game segment, they had to pick one of two options: planting a kiss on Woozi or receiving a kiss from Hoshi.

THE8 and Mingyu. | @pledis_17/Twitter

THE8 chose Woozi because he likes “doing things for others.” Mingyu picked Hoshi because it was an “easier” task to accomplish. Woozi and Hoshi had different reactions as well.

At the mention of kissing, Woozi made the funniest face of distaste while Hoshi puckered his lips in preparation for a kiss.

Whether they want a quick kiss or are ready for a challenge, they know which member to plant a kiss on.

DK kissing THE8.

Watch them discuss which members to kiss here.