SEVENTEEN’s Jun Proved Why Quiet People Are The Ones To Watch Out For

Staying under the radar is key.

Although the last episode of SEVENTEEN’s Going SEVENTEEN Spin-Off aired months ago, fans are praising Jun for managing to win a game of Mafia without facing any suspicions.


During the episode, Jun and Woozi are secretly chosen as the Mafia and the rest of the members have to discover that it’s them to win. To hide his position, Jun remains quiet and watchful.

While simply going with the flow, Jun manages to escape everyone’s notice from the very beginning. The first suspects chosen are DK and Hoshi. To take suspicion off himself, DK is quick to set his sights on Vernon and Woozi as the true suspects.

Unknowingly, DK guesses correctly that Woozi is Mafia and S.Coups guesses that it could be Jun. Dino puts both the guesses together and suggests that they choose between Woozi or Jun but is quickly dismissed.

Dino becomes adamant about choosing Woozi, and the rest of the members follow suit by voting him out. Then, The8 becomes the next and final target after arguing that he couldn’t possibly be Mafia after following along with everyone’s decisions.

After voting off The8, Jun remains and wins the game. If you want to see the chaos that is SEVENTEEN, check out the episode below.


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