SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu’s Birthday Greeting For His Best Friend Is The Sweetest

They are friendship goals!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu tweeted an edited video of fellow member The8 for his birthday.

The video is in black and white and includes cuts of The8 walking along the corridors of the hotel they were staying in, and getting on the elevator. Mingyu used a classical song for the background music giving it a very elegant feel.

Mingyu added a text at the end saying, “Happy Birthday, The8” together with the date of his birthday.

Although The8’s birthday is on November 7, Mingyu posted the video he made on November 8 for his friend’s namesake.

Mingyu and The8 are known to have a really good friendship among fans as they have told stories of them hanging out a lot since they share the similar hobbies.

They have also opened up about wanting to create their own fashion brand someday and call it “M&M,” getting that from the initials of their name. “M” from Mingyu, and the other “M” from The8’s real name, Minghao.

The video was very heartwarming and fans are touched because of their friendship.

Watch the video below:


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