SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Taught Jeonghan “Right Here” And It’s Exactly Like “Baksu” Joohoney

His new name will be Right Here.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney‘s appearance on Produce X 101 garnered a lot of attention from his coaching that led to memes and his new name Baksu.

S.Coups is the original singer of the famous line. And, Joohoney did it justice because S.Coups teaching the next line in “Clap” to Jeonghan is exactly the same.

Jeonghan tested out the line, “SEVENTEEN right here,” and S.Coups immediately corrected his pronunciation by demonstrating the right way to say it.

Just like Joohoney, S.Coups repeated it a few times. But, Jeonghan couldn’t get it right. So, he left it to the professional and they just had fun playing around with saying it.

S.Coups and Joohoney have really been friends for a long time because they definitely share the same energy.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” here.