SEVENTEEN’s The8 Dancing With His Mom Will Make You Want A Man Just Like Him

He’s so sweet to her.

Out of all the SEVENTEEN members, The8 has proven to be one of the kindest, from the way he treats to trainees to spending his time volunteering.

He treats everyone kindly, and he’s no different with his mom. In fact, he’s even sweeter to her.

In celebration of mother’s day, he shared a moment between him and his mom. Just by the way he looks at her, it’s obvious that he loves her dearly and highly respects her.

To make it the moment even sweeter, he shared a special clip of them dancing together. He politely bowed to his mom, spun her around, and ended it with a warm hug.

Their relationship seems to be a close one, and it’s so heartwarming to see the moments they share together.

As one of SEVENTEEN’s lead dancers, he’s able to put on charismatic performances with his strong gestures and smooth movements.

But, he’s also able to treat everyone around him kindly, especially his mom. Who wouldn’t want a man like that in their lives?