SHINee Fans Praised For Being One Of The Most Trustworthy And Polite Fandoms

Check out just how much trust SHINee has in them.

Shawols were recently praised for being the most trustworthy and polite fandom in recent years. Although there might have been some rough spots when the fans were all in their teens, as many have mellowed out with time, they have been praised for treasuring their idols and building strong trust between idol and fan in SHINee‘s later years of their career. Check out 6 moments that prove so

1. Close proximity

When Minho was passing through the crowds during a concert, fans were allowed to come close. Although there were barriers, the fans kept their own distance in line. He even went over to hug a fan. The security guard simply let him do his own thing.

2. Parting like the red sea

Shawols automatically created a path for Taemin to walk through without issue. He passed by without being stopped even once. Look at how at ease he is!

3. Fanmeeting

Jonghyun held a small impromptu fan-meeting at close proximity to fans. Even though they were allowed to come close, the fans automatically kept a good distance from him, giving him a nice berth.

4. Permission granted

The sweet singer let fans touch his head and face. This shows just how much trust Jonghyun has in his fans. However, even though he told her to touch his face, a fan showed so much respect for him that she could barely touch his hair with a gentle finger!

5. Self-restrained

In an anecdote by a fan that attended a concert, fans showed the utmost restraint when one of the barriers accidentally opened. According to the fan, as SHINee was passing by on a moving rail, fans began moving towards the barriers near the tracks. Due to the gathering, the gate of the barrier swung open. The fans immediately backed away into the rightful area and closed the gate once more. The security did not even have to react. After the fans had safely secured the gate, they made sure to ask the SHINee members if they were hurt or not.

Another anecdote claimed that the fans listened when the security guards asked them to stand still and simply wave!

6. Insane trust

The members have so much trust in their fans! After winning a race, Minho was so happy that he rushed to hug the fans without any staff or security following him.

While the K-Pop industry and fandoms have certainly changed over the years, one thing’s for sure — the relationship between SHINee and Shawols sure is special!

Source: pann