“What’s Your ****?!” SHINee’s Social Media Post Earns Attention For All The “Wrong” Reasons

Netizens react to the hilariously “unhelpful” clarification 😂

SHINee recently celebrated their 15th anniversary following Taemin‘s discharge from the military, and to commemorate the occasion, SHINee made their first group comeback in over two years.

Their recent promotions have increased social media activity and fun content from the group, and SHINee’s recent fan quiz posted on the group’s social media pages hilariously earned attention for all the “wrong” reasons.

(From left:) SHINee’s Taemin, Minho, Onew, and Key | @SHINee/Twitter

A 15-question interactive quiz was uploaded to SHINee’s official social media accounts, testing Shawols’ knowledge of the talented second-generation group.

It wasn’t the questions that caught fans’ attention, but the unfortunate name of the quiz: “SHAT.”

The original tweet uploaded on SHINee’s Twitter account | @9onghyun/Twitter

A now-deleted tweet asked fans, “What’s your SHAT score?” and after international Shawols’ reactions, the tweet was re-uploaded with a clarification, which didn’t seem to help.

The new tweet explained that “S.H.A.T.” was an acronym for “SHINee Assessment Test.”

Shawols amusingly reacted to the clarification, which still used the past tense of the word sh*t. The reactions were all in good fun as fans wondered how “helpful” the clarification really was.

Reactions to the same post on SHINee’s official Instagram were equally entertaining as Shawols creatively responded to the unintentionally vulgar name.

| @shinee/Instagram

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