SHINee Taemin’s Teaser Photos Gain Attention For His Customized Jeans

Such detail went into the photos.

Recently, SHINee dropped the teaser photos for Taemin and Key for their seventh repackage album Atlantis.

While both members showcased their amazing visuals and styling, fans couldn’t help but notice Taemin’s jeans.

| @SHINee/Twitter
| @SHINee/Twitter
| @SHINee/Twitter

Turns out he had customized the drawing on the jeans to make it more appropriate for the public.

These are the original jeans, with the girl in the drawing wearing a bikini.

| Instiz

And here’s Taemin’s customized version with the girl wearing a crop top and shorts!

| theqoo

Netizens that saw these photos couldn’t help but laugh at his jeans.

  • “I can just imagine the stylist coloring in the picture!”
  • “The pants are pretty though! But I can understand Taemin’s reasoning for doing that.”
  • “The stylist has some good sense!”
  • “Wow they put in a lot of thought and detail into the pants.”

Stay tuned for SHINee’s comeback on April 12!

Source: instiz