“Is She Single?”: A “Boys Planet” Contestant’s Gorgeous Mom Is Going Viral

“Is his mom an actress?”

The new idol competition show Boys Planet, which first aired in February of this year, has kept viewers entertained as it narrowed down the 98 competing trainees each week to the current top 28 contestants.

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There has been no end to the contestants’ impressive talent, stage performances, and handsome visuals.

As with any reality show, there are bound to be a few fan-favorite contestants, and one of those contestants is Han Yujin.

“Boys Planet” contestant Han Yujin | Mnet

Han Yujin is a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment and has been a trainee for a little over two years.

He’s been a fan favorite since the beginning of the show and has remained among the top trainees each week.

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While it’s been expected for Han Yujin to have the spotlight since his first episode on Boys Planet, in the most recent episode, someone else stole the show… his mom.

Han Yujin’s mom proudly sat to watch her son but caught the eyes of netizens instead with her beauty and kind personality.

As she sat and cheered for her son, fans noticed that even Han Yujin’s aegyo adorably matched with his mom.

After the episode aired, his mom gained quite a few fans herself as netizens reacted to her beauty, and some even hilariously wondered if she was single.

Han Yujin is currently ranked third after the second survival announcement results; three episodes remain until the show’s end on April 20.

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