What Does It Take To Survive Inferno? “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast Spill On Their Essential Items

One contestant brought five suitcases.

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Netflix‘s hot dating show Single’s Inferno 2 has officially ended with a surprising finale. Whether fans were elated or frustrated about the final pairings leaving the island, there’s no denying the show was once again a massive hit with fans.

Single’s Inferno 2 poster | Netflix

Now viewers of the show have more insight into each of the contestants’ thoughts as many of them reunited to talk about their experiences with the YouTube channel The Swoon.

Along with spilling some tea on their thoughts from the first few episodes, the cast members also opened up about the reality of filming in Inferno (the island the show takes place on). When they first saw Inferno, the female contestants wondered how they would occupy their time since “There was nothing.

Se Jeong: There was nothing. It’s just an island. I thought, “What do I do?

So E: I thought, “What can I do here?

Seo Eun: It was my first time entering an island on a boat. It looked like it was secluded from reality. I was thinking, “I have to survive here.

Contestants Park Se Jeong and Lee So E | The Swoon/YouTube 

And the male contestants felt similarly, agreeing that it “[felt] far from reality.

Yoong Jae: Didn’t Inferno feel far from reality?

Jin Young: It felt like we were abroad.

Yoong Jae: It felt like people here were all that was left on Earth.

Jin Young: Right.

Yoong Jae: That’s the impression I got.

Han Bin: It felt like a real deserted island.

Jin Young: I felt stranded.

Contestant Joo Yoong Jae | The Swoon/YouTube 

So what did the contestants of Single’s Inferno 2 bring to survive Inferno?

When asked about “essential items,” Kim Han Bin immediately stressed the importance of bringing sunscreen.

Han Bin: Sunscreen. You really need sunscreen. I didn’t bring one. When I went home, my nose was red. I got a shirt tan line.

(Left) Yoong Jae during the show, (right) contestant Kim Han Bin | The Swoon/YouTube 

Shin Dong Woo also shared an item that’s good for protecting yourself from the sun, although he had more romantic intentions behind his choice.

Shin Dong Woo: I wished I’d brought a parasol.

Jin Young: He’s detail-oriented.

(Left) Shin Seul Ki and Shin Dong Woo on the show, (right) Dong Woo | The Swoon/YouTube 

Another realistic essential item is “medicine for bug bites,” according to Choi Jong Woo.

Contestant Choi Jong Woo | The Swoon/YouTube 

But he also suggested bringing “a book.” While a book can be a good way to pass the time, which Han Bin agreed with, it’s possible that Jong Woo’s book was also one of the ways he achieved his “happy ending.”

Jong Woo: If you bring a book, when you’re left alone on Inferno, you can stay relaxed. It’ll keep you relaxed.

Han Bin: Thanks to you, I was able to breathe.

| The Swoon/YouTube 

Of course, one of the main essential items that contestants on a dating show need are lots of stylish clothes to impress both the other contestants and viewers.

For Dong Woo, his wardrobe took up “two full suitcases.”

Dong Woo: At first, I was worried that I brought too much, but…

| The Swoon/YouTube 

But that was nothing compared to Han Bin.

Dong Woo: … But someone beside me brought five suitcases.

Han Bin: I couldn’t try on half of what I brought.

Dong Woo: I thought he was there to sell clothes.

| The Swoon/YouTube 

Certainly, all of the contestants astounded viewers with their stylish outfits. And even though the contestants were initially worried about what they would do on the island, there never was a dull moment during the show.

You can read about the meaning behind another item brought to Inferno here.

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