Love Conquers All For Prince Charming On “Single’s Inferno 2”

Who won their princess’s heart?

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Another exciting season of Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno has come to an end, but only some contestants got their happily ever after.

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Although Single’s Inferno 2 featured an attractive array of “princes,” one gradually (and unexpectedly?) won viewers’ hearts: Choi Jong Woo. In early episodes, Choi Jong Woo suffered from a lack of screen time, fading into the background while other contestants’ storylines took center stage.

Choi Jong Woo | Netflix

Right from the beginning, however, Jong Woo had only eyes for Shin Seul Ki, the most popular female contestant among male cast members.

Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

He, Kim Jin Young, and Shin Dong Woo all chose to leave the show with Seul Ki.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix
Shin Dong Woo | Netflix

After her Paradise date with Dong Woo, Seul Ki made it clear that she would not pursue him romantically. Jin Young was a different story. Given how much affection Seul Ki had for Jin Young, it seemed like Jong Woo’s chances of winning her heart were slim.

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Seul Ki became enamored with newcomer Jin Young the moment he stepped onto the island, and she shared swoon-worthy moments with him in Paradise (a resort).

Even so, Jong Woo quietly persisted, making his feelings for Seul Ki known to her while respecting her boundaries and choices. Jong Woo wiped Seul Ki’s tears away when she felt down…

…and fought for her in a wrestling match that broke his fans’ hearts. His feelings never once wavered, and in the end…


…Seul Ki chose to leave the show with him.

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Seul Ki’s choice caught some viewers off-guard, and some weren’t thrilled about it, but “Team Jong Woo” couldn’t be happier to see her waving their favorite “green flag!” For once, the second male lead got his happy ending.

Along with Jong Woo, Han Bin and Se Jun had Prince Charming-like qualities that fans praised throughout the show. Find out who they ended up with here:

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