“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestants React To Kim Se Jun’s Heart-Fluttering Gesture To Lee So E

“I thought they were dating.”

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Se Jun may have had one of the shortest stays in Inferno, as he only joined the show midway through the season, but he certainly had one of the most undeniable impacts.

Contestant Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Although viewers had strong feelings (positive and negative) toward most of the contestants, Se Jun was a clear favorite among netizens…

The other contestants…

And even for a contestant from season one of the show.

Although Se Jun didn’t have much screen time compared to the contestants who were there from the beginning, his every moment stood out, with fans loving his hilarious sense of humor.

And his prince-like treatment of Lee So E.

One especially heart-fluttering moment that Se Jun shared with So E was when they took a helicopter ride to Paradise. Since So E was afraid, Se Jun didn’t hesitate to look after her, holding her hand.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the scene, and apparently neither could the rest of the Single’s Inferno 2 contestants.

When most of the cast got together to watch the show, giving fans insight into their thoughts and experiences, Kim Jin Young, who was also there for his Paradise date with Lim Min Su, shared just how shocked he was at the time, seeing the romantic gesture in person.

Kim Jin Young: They were on another level in the helicopter.

Kim Han Bin: Really?

Kim Jin Young: I thought they were dating.

Kim Jin Young and Kim Han Bin reacting to Kim Se Jun and Lee So E | The Swoon/YouTube 

And the contestants especially loved watching Jin Young’s expression when he noticed the two were holding hands.

Contestants watching Lim Min Su and Kim Jin Young’s reactions | The Swoon/YouTube 

And Min Su’s own smile was telling for how cute the moment was.

| The Swoon/YouTube 

But the contestants weren’t surprised by how romantic Se Jun was toward So E since he had continually shown his compassion.

Lee Nadine: As expected of Se Jun.

Lee Nadine reacting to Kim Se Jun and Lee So E | The Swoon/YouTube  

And So E herself even expressed just how lovely the moment was.

Lee So E: So sweet.

Lee So E reacting to herself and Kim Se Jun | The Swoon/YouTube  

You can read more about Se Jun here.

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Source: The Swoon

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