The “Curse” Plaguing SM Entertainment’s Boy Groups

One has beat it so far!

SM Entertainment has been home to many successful idols throughout the years.

Girls’ Generation | SM Entertainment

In recent years, as more groups have debuted, the label’s boy groups have seemingly been affected by a surprising “curse.”

The curse seems to affect the ones that debut with seven members. For example, NCT subunit WayV‘s original lineup comprised seven members.

WayV as 7. | SM Entertainment

Following his gaslighting and cheating allegations, former member Lucas went on hiatus, remaining until his departure in May 2023, making WayV 6.

Lucas | SM Entertainment
WayV now. | SM Entertainment

Next, RIIZE debuted as a seven-member group, SM’s first new boy group outside of the NCT system, following Shotaro and Sungchan‘s departures.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

However, shortly after their debut, Seunghan was the victim of multiple privacy invasions, leading to criticism from netizens. Seunghan was eventually placed on an indefinite hiatus, and all of RIIZE’s promotions since have been as six.

RIIZE’s Seunghan | SBS
RIIZE’s most recent release. | SM Entertainment

Along with the announcement regarding RIIZE came the news of NCT’s last subunit. First known as NCT NEW TEAM, the new group were selected through a survival show, with seven members making the lineup.

NCT NEW TEAM | SM Entertainment

However, as their pre-debut promotions began, member Jungmin was absent, and in early October 2023, SM announced he would leave the group due to health issues. NCT WISH are set to debut in February 2024 as a six-membered group.

Jungmin | SM Entertainment
NCT WISH | SM Entertainment

So far, one group has seemed to “beat” the curse.

NCT DREAM originally debuted with plans for the group to have a graduation system, meaning the members would leave when they turned 18. Mark was the first to graduate, bringing the group’s members to six.

NCT Dream | SM Entertainment
NCT’s Mark | SBS
NCT DREAM as 6. | SM Entertainment

When the graduation of other members came up, fans and the members were so emotional that it was decided the group would become fixed. In 2020, with the release of Resonance Pt. 1, Mark rejoined the group and has since promoted with NCT DREAM and NCT 127.

NCT DREAM for their latest release. | SM Entertainment

Currently, fans are hoping RIIZE will also beat the curse and have been watching for any hints of Seunghan’s return, which you can read more about below.

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