Football Player Son Heung Min Knows All About His Chicken Vendor Lookalike

Here’s what he thinks about him.

Son Heung Min, also known as Son or Sonny, is the top football player in South Korea. He is the captain of both the national team and the professional football team Tottenham Hotspurs.

Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

Needless to say, he’s considered a legend especially in his home country. That’s why when bystanders saw “Son Heung Min”—or a person who appeared to be him at least—selling fried chicken in a small store in Jeju island, they were shocked.

It turned out that the seller was not the football player himself, but a very believable lookalike. He sported the same haircut, had similar facial features, and to top it all off, often wore the Spurs jersey as his kitchen uniform.

The resemblance was especially uncanny when he copied the football player’s signature pose.

| @hm_son7/Instagram

What does Son Heung Min himself think about this doppelganger? He revealed his thoughts in a past interview with Psick Univ on YouTube after talking about how he returned to South Korea four weeks prior to the shoot. Jung Jae Hyun joked that the football star was probably busy with his side job as a chicken vendor during this time.

You seemed super busy frying fried chicken and stuff.

— Jung Jae Hyun

Son Heung Min countered that he’ll walk out of the interview because of this wrong assumption.

Oh, if you’re pulling that out, I gotta go home.

— Son Heung Min

He then explained that it wasn’t his first time hearing about his uncanny lookalike from Jeju island.

Even my friends texted me, ‘Are you in Jeju?’

— Son Heung Min

He recounted the time his friends brought up the topic and he had no idea who they were referencing. Considering the fact that he’s based in the UK for work and thus would have no time to be in the South Korean island, he was especially confused. He then found out about his doppelganger after seeing him trending on the news.

I was like, ‘What? What are you talking about?’ And then I saw the news.

— Son Heung Min

What stood out the most to the football player wasn’t just how similar they looked, but how dedicated the chicken vendor was to his job.

The guy who looks like me [was] wearing Tottenham t-shirts and he was [grilling enthusiastically].

— Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min (Left) and his doppelganger (Right) | @hm_son7/Instagram

Check out the full video below to learn more about Son Heung Min!

Source: YouTube
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