Song Song Couple Wedding Will Feature Park Bo Gum’s Piano Solo and Lee Kwang Soo’s Heartfelt Letter

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s wedding is a day away (October 31) and new details regarding their wedding are becoming public. 

Park Bo Gum, a very close friend of the Song Song couple will be performing a piano solo at the wedding to congratulate their union.

His agency released a statement to confirm the news.

“It is true that our actor, Park Bo Gum, will be performing on the piano at the couple’s wedding.

— Blossom Entertainment 

Lee Kwang Soo, arguably one of the closest male friends to the Song Joong Ki, will be reading a heartfelt letter at the wedding.

Yoo Ah In, a very close friend to the Song Hye Kyo, will be reading a touching, personal letter as well.

The wedding is finally one day away and everyone is excited to see the Song Song couple’s ship sail forward!


Source: Sports Chosun, OSEN

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