“Am I The *sshole?” — Man Claims His Fiancé’s K-Pop Tattoo Is Ruining Their Relationship

“She branded herself for another man.”

Of the various ways K-Pop fans can show their love and appreciation for groups, one of the more permanent ones is getting a tattoo related to their favorite artist. This idea isn’t just limited to fans — idols have often gotten tattoos representing their fans, like BTS Jungkook‘s ARMY tattoo and GOT7 Yugyeom‘s green bird.

GOT7’s Yugyeom

As with all tattoos, people have mixed reactions to K-Pop-related ones, but recently a Reddit user took this to the extreme, demanding that his fiancé get her K-Pop tattoo removed.

On the subreddit “Am I *sshole,” a forum where users can ask the opinion of other users on complex issues, a man shared a post describing the “problem” he was having. In the post, he said that he was engaged to a woman named “Laura,” who had a tattoo he had issues with.

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I (32M) am engaged to “Laura” (27F) and Laura has a tattoo that I have an issue with.
When she was 18/19ish, she got a tramp stamp tattoo of a mascot of her favorite kpop group that use bunny rabbits that represent them. The one she has wears a red mask/bandanna since that’s the one that represents her favorite member of the group.

— Anon Reddit User

Based on the description, she likely has a tattoo of Shi Shi Mato, a rabbit character representing B.A.P‘s Bang Yongguk.

B.A.P’s Yongguk with Shi Shi Mato, his mascot.
Unrelated tattoo of Shi Shi Mato. | Leann M/Amino

The Reddit user explains that he feels she has “branded herself” for a man because it represents a specific member. He also says he has a problem because he views “K-Pop as a childish thing” and expressed his desire for her to remove it during a conversation.

| u/Healthy_Television/Reddit

Ever since the first time l’ve seen this tattoo and she explained the meaning, l’ve sort of had an issue with it for two reasons. One, the tattoo is in representation of another man, and to me, it feels like she has branded herself for that man, and two, I view kpop as a childish thing and expect tweens to be into it, like Justin Bieber or One Direction, but it makes her happy, so I usually keep my feelings about kpop to myself.

Earlier this week, we were preparing to go out to eat and while she was changing I caught a glimpse of it. I asked her if she ever planned to get it removed and she said no. I then tell her how I feel about it, since we’re very close to be husband and wife. I even suggested other tattoo ideas that could be based around us and offered to get it with her.

Laura did not react well and explained how she felt, leading to an argument between the two where the poster insulted the group and demanded she removes it by their wedding day.

| u/Healthy_Television/Reddit

Laura then called me stupid for thinking that way b/c everyone gets tattoos of singers and bands and it’s a 1 in a million chance of her meeting that member and being with him. I then told her that her tattoo still screams “I’ve branded myself for a man” and people get tattoos of real musicians, not fades and told her I expected it to be gone by the wedding day.

Laura then called me an asshole and stormed out the room. She even refused to go to dinner with me. Since then, she doesn’t talk or is short to me and has even resorted to sleeping in her office.

He then concluded the posting by asking the Reddit community if he was in the wrong, despite thinking that he was not and that other married men would agree with him.

Unsurprisingly, the Reddit community resoundingly declared that he was the *sshole in the situation for even considering that he had a right to say what she had on her body.

The post was spread to K-Pop Twitter, where individuals reacted similarly to this man’s unreasonable demands.

Yongguk’s groupmate, Zelo, even responded to a TikTok about the post, saying, “Laura’s body, Laura’s choice.

Zelo’s comment about the post. | SkaterZ/Reddit

The post has since been deleted, with no updates from the original poster. Check out some gorgeous K-Pop-related tattoos that Laura’s fiancé would probably hate below!

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