STAYC’s J And Sumin’s Past Photos Are Revealed And They Are Absolutely Flawless

Natural beauties for sure.

STAYC‘s been tearing up the rookie scene with their debut song “So Bad”. Previously, visual member Seeun’s middle school graduation photos were revealed, impressing netizens with her flawless beauty. Recently, past photos of members J and Sumin were revealed. Take a look at the girls!

1. Sumin

Netizens are saying she looks like Red Velvet‘s Irene in this one.

Looks like she was always beautiful.


It’s hard to look this beautiful in a graduation photo.

2. J

J doesn’t look very different from her current look, although she chopped off her locks for the debut.

She’s a charismatic rapper now but she looks fresh and adorable.

Netizens are absolutely smitten with these girls and their natural beauty! Here’s what netizens had to say about Sumin.

  • “I honestly didn’t know that they had such pretty members. She doesn’t shine the most with the current styling. If Sumin had black hair she’ll hit her legendary days.”
  • “She’s super super SM’s type of face… honestly if she gets some treatments it won’t be weird if they put her in Red Velvet either.”
  • “Feels like I saw her on a plane before.” (saying she looks like an air stewardess)

What do you guys think?

Source: pann


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