Netizens Amazed By The Unchanging Beauty Of STAYC In Their Graduation Photos Throughout The Years

They’re absolutely stunning!

The members of STAYC are known for their gorgeous visuals, making them one of the top visual groups in 4th generation K-Pop groups, according to netizens. Check out three of the members’ graduation photos that are gaining attention for their unchanging beauty!

1. Seeun

Since elementary school, Seeun stood out for her naturally beautiful visuals.

Her middle school photos are considered “legendary” by fans for her gorgeous appearance.

2. Sumin

Sumin’s graduation photos show how she went from an adorable elementary school student…

…to a stunning middle schooler…

…and gorgeous high school student!

3. J

J’s cute puppy-like visuals were evident ever since her elementary school days…

…as do her predebut photos from her middle school days!


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