Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Celebrity BFF Crashes His Movie Date With STAYs

“Happy Holi-Stays!”

Fans of Stray KidsBang Chan know the idol to be one of the most friendly and comforting in the industry.

Bang Chan goes live often, chatting with fans about what’s going on in his life and showing true care to those who need it.

One of the ways Bang Chan gets close to fans is through “dates” with fans! In the past, Bang Chan treated fans to a special Valentine’s Day date, where he prepared a playlist and more for the STAYs tuning in.

Bang Chan also holds movie dates with fans as well. Usually, the star will message fans via Dear. U Bubble, letting them know of an upcoming movie date and ask for movie suggestions. Once the day arrives, Bang Chan and the fans will start the movie simultaneously, with the idol sending commentary throughout.

Bang Chan’s last movie date with STAYs happened in September when the star watched the animated film Weathering alongside fans.

Earlier this week, Bang Chan let fans know there would be a Christmas movie date coming up and let fans know that the movie they would be watching would be Deadpool!

| Dear. U Bubble

On Christmas Eve, Bang Chan began the movie, but little did he know his movie date with STAYs would be crashed by one of his celebrity BFFs!

A bit after the movie started, Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool, sent out a tweet that let fans know he was lurking Bang Chan and STAYs’ movie date!

Reynolds even “fired back” at people going against Chan’s declaration that Deadpool is a Christmas movie.

The Ryan Reynolds-Stray Kids relationship began after the group’s Kingdom: Legendary War performance, which was inspired by the movie Deadpool. Since then, Ryan has talked about Stray Kids at any opportunity that he gets.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Fans love this new moment between the besties and have already begun making memes!

Check out more moments between Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds below!

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