Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Flashed His Abs… And Immediately Regretted It

He couldn’t have been more adorably embarrassed.

Stray Kids have been in the United States as part of their MANIAC world tour, where they’ve captivated fans with their incredible performances. Many fans loved the adorable member interactions and the frequent, much less adorable, ab reveals. Whether it was Felix showing his abs…

Or Han

Or I.N, fans were impressed by Stray Kids’ visuals.

Leader Bang Chan would also often reveal his abs during “Victory Song” performances as if in homage to his iconic part in the music video. But while Bang Chan flashed his abs several times…

There was one instance where fans were more focused on the idol’s adorable reaction to his own confidence. Although Bang Chan was already wearing a crop top for the performance, he still went to flash his abs to the crowd.

Bang Chan | @skzfan2019/TikTok 

Before being hit with instant regret.

| @skzfan2019/TikTok 

As soon as he finished his part, Bang Chan walked away, his head still down in embarrassment.

| @skzfan2019/TikTok 

Fans couldn’t help but focus on his adorable reaction, finding his embarrassment endearing.

Especially since the moment truly highlights his impressive duality.

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the walk of shame and head shaking afterwards gets me everytime. bless this man. #straykidsinseattle #straykids #maniac #bangchan

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