Here Are The Stray Kids Members Ideal Romantic Matches According To Their MBTI Personality Types

Do you match with your bias?

In one episode of One Kid’s Room, all the Stray Kids members took the MBTI personality test. The results they got say a lot about what kind of person they’d look for in a relationship. Who knows—maybe your type could be a match.

Bang Chan – (ENFJ)

Bang Chan’s personality type is ENFJ, also known as “The Protagonist”. ENFJs are known for being fun in a relationship, and they truly care about making their partners happy.

According to his personality type, Bang Chan’s ideal match would be an INFP or an INTP. Introverted personalities complement him well. These two personality types would also share Bang Chan’s empathy and bring a sense of flexibility to the relationship.

Lee Know, I.N, & Seungmin (ESFJ)

Lee Know, I.N, and Seungmin all share the same personality type—ESFJ, also known as “The Consul”.

ESFJs are known for being highly caring in relationships, and they’re great at making their partners feel good.

According to their personality type, Lee Know, I.N, and Seungmin would all match best with an ISFP or ISTP. They’d like the challenge of getting an introvert to open up. These two personality types also share the members’ tendency to see the bigger picture.

Changbin & Felix (ENFP)

Changbin and Felix also share the same personality type—ENFP, also known as “The Campaigner”. ENFPs are known for being adaptable and unpredictable in relationships. They strive to inspire their partners and make sure no two days are the same.

According to their personality type, Changbin and Felix would both match best with an INFJ or INTJ. They’d have the perfect traits to draw and introvert out of their shell. These two personality types would also bring levelheadedness to the impulsive Campaigners.

Hyunjin (ENTP)

Hyunjin’s personality type is ENTP, also known as “The Debater”. ENTPs are all about making their relationships grow to be as happy and interesting as possible, and they love to have intellectual conversations with their partners.

According to his personality type, Hyunjin’s ideal match would be an INTJ or INFJ. These two personality types crave knowledge, so they can have the interesting and intelligent conversations he’d be looking for.

Han (ISTP)

Han’s personality type is ISTP, also known as “The Virtuoso”. ISTPs are known for playing hard to get in a relationship, though not intentionally. But deep down, they experience intense emotions and passion.

According to his personality type, Han’s ideal match would be an ESFJ or an ESTJ. An extrovert would help keep the relationship interesting just as an ISTP craves. These types are also very committed, which would balance Han’s spontaneity.

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