Sulli Invites You To Go For A Swim With Her

Sulli has been to some beautiful places this year and shared her beautiful vacation experiences with fans via Instagram.

Ever since leaving f(x), Sulli has been rapidly gaining attention for crossing boundaries that many idols couldn’t dream of. Most recently she has shocked fans with the news of an upcoming topless scene in the film Real.

With her new-found self-expression, Sulli has become even more present on her social media. She has been posting often and sharing more of her life with fans.

In a few belated posts, Sulli showed stunning videos and photos from her travels in Italy and Greece earlier this year. She went to the Mediterranean coast for a Ceci magazine shoot and was able to visit the gorgeous countries for the second year in a row.

See her posts below!

이것도 수영은 수영아니야?

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꺄 핸드폰 잃어버려서 없어졌던 영상?

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#그리스 #이태리 #여자둘

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See this Instagram photo by @jelly_jilli * 56k likes

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