Sulli Once Confessed to Shin Dong Yup That There Wasn’t a Single Moment When She Was Happy

Shin Dong Yup appeared on “The Night of Hate Comments” with Sulli before her passing.

On a recent episode of Love of 7.7 Billion, Super Junior‘s Heechul and broadcaster Shin Dong Yup remembered the passing of Sulli and Goo Hara during a discussion about malicious comments.

Heechul brought up the show, The Night of Hate Comments, which Sulli appeared on before her passing, and revealed that he was worried for her.

Since she dealt with a lot of malicious comments, I was worried about her.

– Heechul

But he claimed that despite people’s worries, Sulli was very happy after appearing on the show.

But after she did it, she was really happy. I think she liked that she could talk about it with people. The show made her realize that her thoughts weren’t weird, and she gained her confidence. She always looked forward to filming.

– Heechul

Shin Dong Yup, who also appeared on The Night of Hate Comments with Sulli, shared something he heard Sulli say that made his heart ache.

I once asked Sulli when she was the most happy, and she said, ‘There was never a time when I was truly happy.’

– Shin Dong Yup

He sympathized about how much she must’ve been hurting to feel that way.

How much was she suffering that she could say she was never happy in her life? My heart ached for her.

– Shin Dong Yup

Those who tuned into the show responded with comments about Sulli such as “That’s so devastating“, “I can’t even imagine“, and “I miss Sulli“.

Check out the clip below:

Source: Insight

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