Sunmi Accidentally Called Her Fans “Gays” And They’re Loving It

Fans are saying that this wasn’t really a mistake.

Recently, Sunmi had a slip of the tongue that has made fans fall in love with her all over again.


On March 10, Sunmi performed in Seattle, Washington as part of her Warning world tour. She put on an unforgettable show with her killer vocals, amazing dance moves…


…and powerful charisma.


At one point in the night, Sunmi made a cute mistake while addressing her fans. She accidentally said “you gays” instead of “you guys”, then quickly corrected herself.


Her fans absolutely loved it! On Twitter, some have even suggested that Sunmi didn’t need to correct herself. They say she was right the first time!


Sunmi has many fans in the LGBT community, and she hasn’t shied away from exploring themes of sexuality in her work. For example, Sunmi’s daring, all-female version of “GASHINA” earned her a lot of positive feedback.


To show their love for Sunmi, fans even threw Sunmi a pride flag at the concert. She carefully folded up the flag and ran away with it!


For more, check out Sunmi’s sexy, all-female “Gashina” performance here.