Sunmi Had The Cutest Reaction To A Female Fan Asking To Date Her

We stan an “LGBT Queen”!

Sunmi got asked out by a female fan, and her cute reaction will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Sunmi made a comeback with the single “Tail”, and on Youtube channel Y, her fans (two male and two female) reacted to the MV, and couldn’t stop gushing over how powerful and perfect the comeback song was!

As a special treat, the fans got to meet the star, Sunmi, herself!

As she talked to the female fans, Eunji and Saeyeon, about the song, she asked them if any particular lyrics of the song stuck out to them, and Eunji’s answer made everyone burst into laughter!


“Love like crazy, Kiss like crazy, Shake like crazy”.

A bit provocative, and feels like I will do something to this man? It feels like this.


Sunmi then talked about her approach to dating, sharing how the next man she dates should prepare to be “madly in love”!

I am very pushy, that when I like someone, I’m assertive. I’m very assertive, and I am bad at playing hard to get. If there is a man who will fall in love with me…you should prepare to be madly in love!


Saeyeon then cutely raised her hand, and enquired as to whether a girl falling in love with her is okay or not;

How about a woman?


And Sunmi immediately turned to her and gave her approval, much to the delight of the two fans!

It is possible!


We love our “LGBT Queen“!

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Sunmi just made her comeback with the single “TAIL”

Watch this moment here!