Sunmi Clarifies Her Statement About Being An LGBT Queen And Fans Are Having A Great Time Trolling Her

Looks like Sunmi, Yeri, and Jennie are all in this together.

A video taken at the Amsterdam stop of Sunmi’s Warning World Tour went viral for including Sunmi saying that she was “LGBT… LGBT queen”.

Fans Think Sunmi Just Came Out As LGBT Due To Viral Video From Her Recent Concert

Many fans took this to mean that the K-Pop singer made the monumental step of coming out, but in a follow up tweet she clears up what she really meant to say.

Many fans have dubbed Sunmi an LGBT queen on social media, and she was simply acknowledging and embracing that title. She fully supports the LGBT community and accepts her role as “queen”, but she doesn’t identify as a part of the LGBT personally.

Sunmi Accidentally Called Her Fans “Gays” And They’re Loving It

Some fans are taking this opportunity to troll her in the best way for the break in speech that led to the misunderstanding. This situation called to mind when Red Velvet‘s Yeri and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s ill-timed pauses (and/or premature clicks of the “send” button) led to similar results.

Just for context for those who may not know, here’s the English interview that birthed Yeri’s now iconic “Yeah, I like Girls’… Generation”.

Jennie’s time to shine came last week when captioning a post of her listening to Jisoo’s solo performance of “Clarity” while backstage at their In Your Area tour.

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I love jisoo

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She captioned the video “I love jisoo” and followed up with “‘s singing” in a separate comment, clearly being a troll herself.

So there you have it; Sunmi, Yeri and Jennie are all LGBT… supporters.