Sunmi Gets Scared When Men Do This

The way she feels is completely understandable…

In episode 633 of Radio StarSunmi told her fellow panelists that she receives a lot of messages on social media.

And, quite understandably, she said she never replies to them.

She shared that someone kept messaging her on a regular basis, which left everyone looking appalled.

They asked her to clarify whether it was the same person who was repeatedly messaging her, and she said that it was.

Sunmi revealed that men who do things like that really scare her, so she blocked him.

Some of her panelists were empathetic about her situation and showed their agreement by saying “of course” when she expressed being scared by that kind of behavior, while one brought up the fact that she lives up to her ice princess reputation. Although opinions at the table seemed split, Sunmi’s fans were quick to defend her online, saying she was only defending herself from toxic behavior and she’s being smart by protecting herself.

Fans are happy that Sunmi appears to be thriving personally and professionally, especially as she was the first solo female artist in Korea to have a successful world tour!