The Gradation in Sunmi’s New Hair Color Is Making Everyone Do a Double Take

Sunmi’s new hair color is out of this world.

Sunmi was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport as she headed off to Paris, France, and she drew all the attention with her blinding visuals as always.

But what particularly stood out on this day was her new hair color and the stunning gradation effect it showed off.

Sunmi’s hair was bleached blonde, but it slowly faded out to a darker grey color, making it look twice as enchanting.

On top of this unique hair color, Sunmi showed off her fashion sense by wearing a long coat over a cozy cardigan.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sunmi topped off the gorgeous photos with various poses that she offered the reporters and fans.

Sunmi’s mystical new hair color is receiving responses such as “She’s reached new heights” and “Her hair is actually so gorgeous“.

Source: Insight