Sunmi Couldn’t Look J.Y. Park In The Eyes During Their “When We Disco” Promotions

“I kept my eyes on his forehead.”

Sunmi‘s Showterview has officially begun and for her first guest, she invited soloist AleXa.

AleXa (left) and Sunmi (right) | @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

Soloist Jessi was the original host of the show, hosting 95 episodes before announcing in April that the show was coming to an end.

Shortly after the show concluded, it was surprisingly announced it would be brought back with Sunmi as the new host. Jessi had not been made aware but shared her support for Sunmi.

I’m glad that somebody else is doing it because it’s better than nothing, I guess. So, please guys, show a lot of love to Sunmi and a lot of love to ‘Showterview.’ I didn’t know, I just found out yesterday when one of my fans told me. I didn’t feel bitter at all.

— Jessi

| @miyayeah/Instagram

Sunmi seemed to give Jessi’s free-spirited approach to hosting the show a nod when she invited AleXa to teach her how to be a global show host. She also encouraged the younger singer to speak informally with her, and not be afraid of speaking in English.

The two easily matched each other’s bright energy and kept the interview fun. Sunmi was very complimentary of the Oklahoma-born K-Pop idol, congratulating AleXa on recently becoming the first winner of NBC‘s American Song Contest.

Sunmi applauded AleXa for her strong performance and stage presence during the contest.

AleXa was equally starstruck, revealing she was a big fan of the Wonder Girls and Sunmi was her bias. Sunmi hilariously called her out, revealing that AleXa told the producers before the show that HyunA, who originally debuted as a Wonder Girls member, was her role model.

The two continued to bond when they played an intense game of “Dance That, Name That.” Short snippets of songs were played for the game, and whoever knew the choreography would get up on a platform and dance. Whoever knew the most choreography would be declared the winner.

AleXa eased her way through the dances, nailing BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU-DDU-DU,” and HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop” while Sunmi struggled to remember the choreography.

The next song allowed Sunmi to shine as her 2020 duet with J.Y. Park, “When We Disco,” played.

Sunmi was sure she would win that round, but AleXa knew the dance, having performed it with her friends.

As they danced, Sunmi revealed she preferred AleXa as her duet partner over J.Y. Park. J.Y. Park (singer, songwriter, producer, and founder of JYP Entertainment) has known Sunmi since she was a trainee and has supported her, even after she left JYP Entertainment. Sunmi has consistently returned the support, cheering on J.Y. Park’s career.

Despite their close relationship, Sunmi preferred dancing with AleXa for a hilarious reason; she was more pleasant to look at.

Sunmi revealed that while she promoted “When We Disco” with J.Y. Park, she couldn’t look J.Y. Park in the eyes because it was too funny to watch him perform.

J.Y. Park is known for giving his all to his performances, and his duet with Sunmi was no exception.

| @winwxn/Tumblr

To avoid laughing, Sunmi would just stare at J.Y. Park’s forehead.

Sunmi wasn’t the only one who had a hard time taking the 2020 duet seriously, check out Stray Kids‘ reaction to “When We Disco” below!

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