Sunmi Reacts To Handsome Men vs. JYP … And The Difference Sends

Same, sis.

Sunmi has been filming for her talk show, “Sunmi’s Video Store“, airing on SBS. The talk show is a human documentary where a celebrity’s life will be rediscovered through going through video archives. The premiere was on 7th of June, covering various stars such as Park Mi Sun, Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae, as well as her ex-CEO, JYP himself.

While the talk show itself was interesting, what caught the eye of viewers was her reactions itself. Sunmi, being known for her bubbly, candid and honest personality, can’t seem to hide her emotions, resulting in a hilarious comparison between her expressions while watching videos of handsome models and actors, compared to JYP.

Jung Woo Sung is known for his handsome looks and is touted as the ideal type of many Korean women. Looks like Sunmi is not immune to his charms as well.

Similarly, Lee Jung Jae is a model-turned-actor known for his flower-boy looks when he was younger. Upon his small screen debut in 1993, he became an overnight star and was almost always cast in lead roles thereafter. No wonder Sunmi was amazed at how handsome he was!

Of course, Sunmi also had to react to her co-star, Park Mi Sun! Sunmi only had praises for the longtime show host and actress, high-fiving her and saying how cool she was.

Lastly, Sunmi had to sit through an archive of her ex-CEO from JYPE, JYP himself, including various cuts of him acting alongside a female co-star and doing aegyo. Her reaction was of course, much warranted, as she cringed from embarrassment.

Her reaction was priceless.

Sunmi’s way too honest reaction reminds us of Jackson’s reaction to JYP’s performance with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa at MAMA 2019. Perhaps it runs in the JYPE family?