Sunmi Tells Zico That She Used To Hate His Viral Hit “Any Song”

No hard feelings though!

On the most recent episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, the celebrities who make the summer even hotter including Sunmi, Zico, and MONSTA X‘s Shownu and Jooheon appeared on the show.

As expected from the hot stars, they effortlessly lit up the show with their wit and swag.

But what gained particular attention was the revelation that she made in front of Zico.

In front of the artist himself, Sunmi made the remark,

I used to hate Zico’s song, ‘Any Song.’

– Sunmi

She then went on to explain why.

Whenever I turned on the TV, ‘Any Song’ would always come on. It was played so frequently that I got tired of it.

– Sunmi

She even revealed,

I’ve never even done the challenge.

– Sunmi

But there was really no hard feelings since she finally showcased the “Any Song” challenge on Knowing Bros with Zico himself.

“Any Song” recently took the world by storm, particularly due to its catchy choreography that anyone can follow.

The challenge was attempted by many Korean celebrities, and in celebration of the summer, Zico recently released a new challenge-worthy song called “Summer Hate.”

Check out Zico’s latest hit featuring Rain below:

Source: Dispatch