Super Junior’s Heechul Keeps Getting Roasted Over His Relationship With TWICE’s Momo

“Pardon me?” – Heechul

Super Junior‘s Heechul just can’t catch a break. He was previously teased by fellow co-hosts Shin Dong Yup and Yoo In Na on their program, Love of 7.7 Billion. Perhaps because he’s such a wonderful, sensitive person, it’s easy for his friends and colleagues to tease him because it happened once again!

Yoo In Na mentioned how much attention Heechul has been getting in Japan…

Source: DDWA A/YouTube

… Before she continued on by saying, “You’ve always been popular in Japan, but you became even more popular after you started dating her, right?” Heechul, for his part, was so shook, that all he could say was ask, “Pardon me?

Source: DDWA A/YouTube

They said because of his relationship with TWICE‘s Momo, he gained more love in Japan!

Source: DDWA A/YouTube

At this point, all Heechul could say was, “Arigatou gozaimasu~” (thank you).

Source: DDWA A/YouTube

Poor Heechul! Maybe he’s just a very roastable person, after all, even his mom couldn’t help roasting him on national TV!

Watch the whole clip below:

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