Super Junior’s Heechul Revealed He Wants To Get Married

He put a lot of thought into it.

Although it’s been revealed he’s been happily in a relationship with TWICE’s Momo, late last year, Heechul said that initially, he intended to live as an idol forever.

During an appearance on Super Junior made an appearance on SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, all the members shared their thoughts on marriage going into their 40s.


For his part, Heechul said that he’d always intended to live as an idol, however, that changed when he realized his parents weren’t getting any younger. He also shared that he would like to get married before he turns 40.

I feel like I have to get married because my parents are getting older. I wanted to live as an idol forever, but that changed completely.


Heechul’s closeness with his mom shows in his interactions with her, and while his desire for marriage might have been out of consideration of his mother’s feelings, it seems that his relationship with Momo was written in the stars.

While marriage isn’t exactly in the cards for them at the moment since their relationship is allegedly in its early days, longtime fans of the idol likely won’t be surprised when he makes the announcement in the next four years!

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship