Suzy Calls Her Bare Face A “Nuisance”, Fans Strongly Disagree

“I’ll be doing a live with my nuisance-like bare face.” — Suzy

Suzy is considered one of the most gorgeous natural beauties in K-Pop because her visuals are just as stunning with makeup as they are without it.


Some celebs aren’t comfortable revealing their bare face to fans, let alone to the paparazzi, but not Suzy. She often goes out into the world makeup-free…

Suzy Decides To Go Bare Faced And Natural For Her First Appearance Of The Year


…and reporters can’t get enough of it!

Suzy Shows Off Her Completely Bare Face And Reporters Fall In Love


In 2017, Suzy appeared on a solo reality show Off the Record, that chronicled her day-to-day activities, to show fans more of Suzy’s “ordinary” side.


During episode 2, Suzy proposed that she should do a live stream to celebrate her 3:00 AM No.1 ranking on the music charts, then jokingly said that her bare-face would be a “nuisance”.

“I’ll be doing a live with my nuisance-like bare face.” — Suzy


Recently, gifs from this moment have reappeared on a popular Korean forum. Fans know Suzy was just kidding about her bare face being “nuisance-like” because how can she not be? Her natural beauty is undeniable!

  • What does she mean nuisance? [Her bare face] is so cute
  • If her bare face is a nuisance, then what are the other regular girls??? hahaha
  • It’s a nuisance because she has such a cute face with perfect skin
  • Of course it’s a nuisance… It’s a nuisance because she’s killing me with her beauty


Suzy’s flawless complexion gives her goddess status, even when she’s eating a meal…


…or brushing her teeth!


With makeup or bare face, she’s still the same gorgeous Suzy!


To see more of Suzy’s beautiful bare-face, you can check out Off the Record here.