Taeyeon and Jessica Wore the Exact Same Dress in Two Totally Different Ways

The gorgeous pink dress is from H&M.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Jessica both flaunted a beautiful pink dress, but they put their own individual spin on it.

Taeyeon recently shot a pictorial for Cosmopolitan in Prague where she wore a light pink dress.

The dress featured a bow in the middle along with skirt layers that flowed down elegantly.

She topped it off with a jacket and a mini bag, creating an overall classy look.


On the other hand, Jessica recently posted a photo of herself wearing the same dress on her official Instagram account, but she put more of a casual spin on it.

She wore the pink dress on top of a white turtleneck top, and she even matched it with sparkly sneakers.

There’s no doubt that both members pulled off the dress perfectly, but they certainly used it to create two completely different looks.

The pink dress that the two idols sported is an H&M item costing around 300,000 won (~$260 USD).

Source: Dispatch

Girls' Generation

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