(★TRENDING) Taeyeon States She Has No Intention Of Making A Public Apology For Her Accident

After her 3-car collision, Taeyeon has become a hot issue yet again because she refused to publicly apologize.

Some of her fans asked her to make a public apology, but she said it wasn’t necessary.

@find73: “Unni if you see this comment please upload a public apology. I’m speaking as a fan. My heart sank yesterday, I’m so glad everyone’s alright.”

Taeyeon: “@find73 Little one, this isn’t something to publicly apologize about but something to apologize to the victims directly..the accident’s well taken care of so don’t worry. Thanks for worrying about me and I’ll always be careful when I drive.”

After hearing that she has no intention to publicly apologize, some Koreans believe that her tone and voice seemed unfitting of a person who was reflecting on her own carelessness.

Source: Instiz

Taeyeon was involved in a car accident where she crashed into two different cars.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon In A 3-Car Accident, 4 people sent to the hospital

SM Entertainment stated that the accident was caused because of Taeyeon’s reckless driving.

SM Entertainment Releases A Statement About Taeyeon’s Car Accident

Tayeon also announced that she had reached out to the victims of the accident and apologized to those she could contact.

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But after seeing the CCTV footage of the accident, fans began asking for a public apology.

Video Footage of Taeyeon’s Car Accident Released

Taeyeon has remained silent since her comment on Instagram.

Source: Xportsnews