Taeyeon Desperately Tries to Figure out Why Her Dog Wouldn’t Stop Licking Her on the Lips During a Live Broadcast

Taeyeon desperately tried to figure out why.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently held a live broadcast on her official Instagram account, during which her dog, Zero became the star of the show.

On this day, Taeyeon decided to hold her live broadcast with her adorable sidekick, Zero.

But as soon as she started the broadcast to greet her fans, Zero continued to lick Taeyeon on the lips, preventing her from being able to talk.

This behavior continued later in the show as well, which gave Taeyeon no choice but to try to figure out why.

First, she suspected Zero was hungry and told her doggo, “I’ll give you your food later.

But every time Taeyeon tried to talk, Zero licked her on the lips, leading Taeyeon to suspect something else.

Zero, are you telling me to shut up?

– Taeyeon

And as soon as Taeyeon said that, Zero stopped what he was doing and immediately looked at the camera.

Taeyeon was shocked by this, and even asked, “Is that seriously what you meant?

But Zero only halted for a little while before attacking Taeyeon’s lips to disturb her from talking before deciding to leave the show.

Fans found his adorable and hilarious, and left comments such as “The most influential being on Taeyeon’s broadcast“, “Why does he lick her on the lips every time she opens her mouth?“, and “He must’ve thought Taeyeon was being too chatty“.

Check out the snippet starting at 11:30:

Source: Insight

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