Tiffany Young Talks About Being Part Of A Movement Breaking Barriers For Asian Americans

Her positivity is infectious and her message is important.

Possible moon princess and musical goddess Tiffany Young has been emboldening fans through openly sharing her struggles with them as well as encouraging them to stay in school and giving them the power of hope through positivity.

Amazon Music recently shared a clip of Tiffany discussing her thoughts on K-Pop, as well as Asian Americans supporting each other. It’s well known that in American media, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for people of color.


For someone like Tiffany, who has an incredible international reach, to speak out on supporting other people of color, in this case, Asian Americans, is very meaningful. If we all do our part to make our voices heard, we could have a part in creating a more diverse entertainment landscape.

I think throughout the years, over the years, there have been so many talented Asian American artists, Asian artists in general, but with K-Pop growing more global and international every single year, I’m just thankful and honored to be a part of it and grow with it, here in the U.S. And I hope that all the Asian musicians are just contributing more and more towards each other…

—Tiffany Young

Although Tiffany specifically references musicians, the dialogue her words create can hold a larger meaning when looked at from a broader perspective. Asians are often categorized as a monolith and put into a box labeled “model minority”, so to acknowledge the disparity that exists in real life in comparison to the myth, we empower Asian Americans to do what is right for the individual over what is assumed to be right for them.


… So that we all get more amazing opportunities and share the stage to be able to tell stories that we weren’t able to over the past forever.

—Tiffany Young


Future generations being able to see themselves as singers, directors, actors, writers, literary agents, or literally anything their heart desires may not be right around the corner, but not being held back by bias and being able to be completely authentic with themselves is a gift that we need desperately in the present, and having that conversation and uplifting each other is the right place to start.

So yeah, I’m just happy and thankful and really, really staying focused and wanting to bring something real and authentic as much and as truthfully as possible.

—Tiffany Young

It’s not just Tiffany who is happy being authentic and real… We’re grateful for her thoughtfulness and uplifting nature as well!

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