The Time ATEEZ’s San Boldly Showed His Support For Feminism

He did it knowing the backlash that may occur.

South Korean Olympic archer An San received backlash after there were “suspicions of her being a feminist“, with men and anti-feminist sites attacking her for what most would probably argue are absurd reasons.

The main reason seemed to be that, when a netizen asked her why she kept her hair short, she answered simply, “Because it’s comfortable”. According to people on these community sites dominated by men, short hair is a sign of feminism.

Along with this, the fact that she goes to an all-women’s college, is a fan of MAMAMOO, and wears badges commemorating the Sewol Ferry accident are all also apparently reasons why she’s considered a “radical feminist”.

Another reason these netizens suspect her feminist views are her use of the words “oh-jo-oh-eok” and “ung-aeng-ung” which, although originally without feminist connotations, are now associated with the feminist movement even though they’re used widely among Korean teens in general.

Despite the hate and criticism An San has received from these anti-feminists, she’s also been getting support from other people, especially those among the younger generation.

Following this, ATEEZ‘s San indirectly brought up the situation and showed his support for the athlete!

Using the messaging system on the app Universe, San spoke about how he likes short hair (having just cut his own at the time), and also used the so-called “misandrist” term “오조오억” in his messages as well.

While this could seem just like a coincidence to some people, his actions have Korean netizens talking, making it obvious that they knew what he was implying with his choice of words.

Although his support might also not seem like a huge deal to some people, in a more conservative nation such as South Korea, feminism is still considered quite radical and often a “men-hating” movement, and anyone is at some risk of being attacked when speaking up about such things. Taking into consideration that San is also an idol, it’s especially brave of him to support a cause in this manner.

ATINYs are incredibly proud of San for showing his support of An San and the feminist movement, and even though he has already received some backlash from anti-feminists, the love he’s getting far outweighs it.

An San was hugely successful at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, showing she was not bothered by the hate from a minority group of individuals. We love seeing hard-working, successful people support each other!


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