Here Are The Top 10 Hollywood Stars That Are Also K-Pop Stans

E! Online claims that these are K-Pop’s biggest fans in Hollywood.

The Hallyu Wave is reaching heights never-before-seen and it’s reached some of our favorite Western stars! Here are, according to E! Online, the top 10 Hollywood stars that are into K-Pop:

10. Shawn Mendes

Fun fact: a Shawn Mendes x BTS collab has been in the works ever since he met the boys at the AMAs in 2017.

9. Jaden Smith

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk, Will Smith, Taeyang, G-Dragon, CL, Jaden Smith, T.O.P, and YG producers (from left to right)

In 2013, Jaden Smith visited Korea and stopped by the YG Entertainment building with dad Will Smith where they met the YG Family. His love for YG Entertainment runs deep, being inspired by G-Dragon to do K-Pop (which we’d love to see), and becoming friends with BLACKPINK.

Jaden Smith with BLACKPINK at Coachella 2019

8. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick doesn’t only love K-Pop, she actually got to join a K-Pop group for a day with Funny Or Die. The group she joined was none other than f(x).

7. Halsey

Halsey is probably one of the great “K-Pop fan celebrity” success stories. Her and her BFFs BTS have topped charts together and made history together time after time with their hit “Boy With Luv”.

What a wholesome yet powerful friendship!

6.Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz is also quite the Celeb K-Popper success story. After visiting Korea many times, the actress even starred in a hilarious episode of SNL Korea in which she played a Korean man’s fiancé who learned Korean through K-Dramas.

5. Lorde

Lorde said she was introduced to K-Pop through 2NE1 and Girls Generation by a friend in high school. She is most into CL and even had a twitter conversation  with her!

4. Conan O’Brien

Halsey and Anna Kendrick weren’t the only American stars to collaborate on a song with K-Pop idols. Conan was in a video with J.Y. Park, The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun, The Wonder Girls, and TWICE (featuring vocals from 15&‘s Jimin)

There’s so much JYP Entertainment power here; this is the one and only time Wonder Girls, TWICE and Jimin have ever been on the same song (with Conan O’Brien and JYP himself no less!)

3. John Cena

BTS has quite a few famous ARMY out there. When Jimin asked if John Cena really was ARMY, he not only responded – he responded in Korean!

2. James Corden

Self-proclaimed BLINK, ARMY, and NCTzen James Corden has had the top K-Pop acts on his show and put them through every easily-scared person’s nightmare, Flinch. Catch BTS, BLACKPINK, and NCT 127‘s Flinches below:

1. Emma Stone

According to E! Online, Emma Stone is K-Pop’s #1 fan in Hollywood. She gave Conan O’Brien and his audience the rundown on all things K-Pop and 2NE1. She’s obsessed with K-Pop, with 2NE1 and BTS being her faves.

Honorable Mention: Khalid

Khalid is widely known as a huge K-Pop fan; he’s even been photographed with so many of our faves!

Khalid with BLACKPINK at Coachella
Khalid with BTS
Khalid with EXO’s Lay

It’s a shocker he wasn’t included on the list!

Source: E! Online